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圣经中所启示的圣约父母的义务 – J

耶稣基督: 你要早早地让你的孩子熟悉主耶稣基督的名字和位格,并教导他们祂乃是教会和你家里的头。千万不要让他们只是称祂为“耶稣”,要称“主耶稣”。你要确保他们晓得,祂既是上帝,也是人,并且在一个位格之内。

Biblical Duties of Covenant Parents – J

Jesus Christ. Acquaint your children with the Name and Person of the Lord Jesus Christ early. Teach them that He is the head of the church and of your family. Never allow them to address […]

Book review by Dr. Bruce Baugus

GDS is privileged to have Dr. Bruce Baugus, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology from the Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson Campus, to write a review on the Children’s Catechism Series for us. Click the link […]

论上帝和祂的话语 —上帝的名字:父


Toddler’s Catechism – English Audio version

Dear friends, We are pleased to announce the English Audio  version of the Toddler’s catechism is now ready for free download. You may find it in the Free Download – Children’s Catechism page, under Toddler’s […]