History of GDS

Posted on May 16, 2010 by admin

Here is a little history of how GDS started:

After a one month trip to China in 2004, the initiator of GDS realized that solid Reformed training and teaching material are sorely lacking in the Chinese language. At the encouragement of a Chinese minister, she took up the challenge to translate Ps JJ Lim’s “Westminster Confession of Faith Study Notes” into Mandarin. The Lord continues to place a burden in her soul for such a work, especially after the arrival of a Chinese couple who came to worship in PCC. She carried on with other minor projects, juggling between part-time/full-time job and translation up till 2008.

Meanwhile, she cherished a dream of setting up an organization that will translate and publish solid reformed material. The opportunity to set up a Christian Media Centre came when the Lord opened the door for her with the support of like-minded brethren and the Church Session. With the assurance that this work is of the Lord, she began setting up the society in early 2009. GDS was officially established in October 2009.

GDS is providentially situated in Singapore, a multi racial country, with migrants from different countries, and Churches with different missionary programs. The Lord in His infinite wisdom has planted GDS here, thus we hope to support the local churches by supplying works in different languages for the edification of the saints locally, regionally and even internationally.

May the Lord use this Society for the promotion of His truth, to the glory of His name!

Soli Deo Gloria!