New publication : The Children Catechism Series (Spanish Version)

Posted on Apr 6, 2012 by admin

The Children Catechism Series
Español (Spanish Version)

The use of the Catechism for the instruction of the young in the church is an ancient and time-tested biblical method. GDS is pleased to publish this catechism series adopted for use by Pilgrim Covenant Church (PCC). The catechism regime includes:
Catecismo para Párvulos,
– Catecismo Historia de la Biblia (Principiantes) Libro1, 2 & 3,
Una introducción al Catecismo Corto de Westminster,
– Catecismo Historia de la Biblia (Primarios) Libro 1 & 2,
Suplemento Formación de Carácter ,
– Catecismo Historia de la Biblia (Intermedios) Libro 1 & 2

This series is useful home instruction or Sunday School materials. They may also be used to instruct new believers. Parents and teachers should adjust the curriculum accordingly to suit their needs.

Interested parties may contact us for further information and purchase