ABC’S of Church Membership – U

Posted on Aug 31, 2015 by admin
Unity. Our Lord prayed for unity amongst believers (Jn 17:21). Church unity is therefore a quality to be desired by every believer. We must begin by seeking to maintain unity within the church of our membership. We must seek not only unity of faith, but unity of love. Unity of faith may be sought by submitting ourselves for conscience sake to the truth of God contain in the subordinate standards or Confessions of the church (which all members ought to believe is agreeable to God’s infallible Word). Unity of love, on the other hand, must be cultivated by prudence and obedience. Prudence dictate that we should not do anything that will destroy the unity of the church such as expressing destructive opinions about the ministry. Obedience dictates that we love the brethren even if we may not initially feel deep affections. Love is a verb. We must love not only in words but in deeds and in truth (1 Jn 3:18). We love one another by serving one another. We love one another also by making attempts at reconciliation whenever we think that any member in the church has aught against us.

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