Biblical Duties of Covenant Parents – X

Posted on Oct 30, 2013 by admin
Xpectation. All parents have high expectations for their children. But remember to cultivate biblical rather than worldly expectations. Worldly expectations in general have to do with academic excellence and competitive edge. Biblical expectations have to do with Christian character and usefulness in the Lord’s kingdom. But remember to temper even biblical expectations with prayer and humility in the assurance that the Lord who loves you and your children is sovereignly in control of all things ultimately. Resist every temptation to compare your child with others; and avoid denigrating him by expressing strong disapproval or embarrassment because he has not met your expectations. In other words, do not force your children to fulfil your expectations; and do not lose hope if they do not develop according to your expectations. Hope in the Lord. Pray for them as covenant children bearing the Lord’s seal of ownership.

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