Biblical Duties of Covenant Parents – L

Posted on Aug 31, 2012 by admin
Love. Love must cover everything that you do for your children. Your love for your children should be unconditional as your Heavenly Father’s love for you is unconditional. Your Heavenly Father may be grieved by your sins, but His love is never dampened. Seek to imitate your heavenly Father, and seek to make sure that your children do not get the sense that your love is conditioned upon their fulfilling your expectations. But remember that love rejoices in the truth (1 Cor 13:6). Therefore, you do not love your children if you honour them more than the LORD (1 Sam 2:26) by allowing them to rule over you. Doing so will be tempting God to take them away from you. If you love them, you will shepherd them and guide them away from the path of death unto the path of life. The path of life is the way of love and obedience. The Lord Jesus says: “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (Jn 14:15). So remember that your primary purpose for loving your children should not be so that they love you in return, but rather that they grow to love the Lord and to be holy as He is holy. Also, remember that to love is to lay down our lives as Christ laid His life down for us. Thus be an example of love by laying down your life both for your children and for others.

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