Biblical Duties of Covenant Parents – M

Posted on Sep 29, 2012 by admin
Memory. Memory is a gift of God. But remember that memory can also be a source of grief, especially, traumatic childhood memories of not being accepted or being treated harshly by one’s parents. Therefore seek the Lord’s grace as much as possible to give your children a happy and positive childhood.

From the perspective that memory can bring emotional pain, understand that forgetting is also a blessing of God that can be prayed for. But remember also that there is such a thing as the sin of forgetfulness (see e.g. Prov 3:1). Be temperate when dealing with your children who claim forgetfulness when failing their duties. But do not allow selective forgetfulness to be used as a convenient excuse for sin.

Remember also that children have tremendous capacity for rote memory when they are very young. Therefore help your children by getting them to memorise the Word of God and the Catechism early, even before they begin to understand what they are regurgitating. The word may rest on the surface of their heart at the moment, but as the Sun of Righteousness warms and melts their hearts, the truth that they have hid in their hearts will be used of the Spirit to guide them in their Christian walk.

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