Biblical Duties of Covenant Parents – P

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Prayer. Prayer is an indispensable element in your training of your children. Remember to pray for grace and help to bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Remember also to pray for and with them daily that the Lord will forgive their sins (Job 1:5), preserve them from evil and sanctify them by the means. Do this individually and as a couple in private; as well as during family worship. And do not neglect to teach your children to pray and to cultivate a habit of prayer in them. Teach the very young to pray using forms of prayer such as the Lord’s Prayer, but teach those who are, say, five and above to pray with their own words. Teach them to pray with a holy reverence in attitude and posture unto the Lord. Therefore, teach them to pray standing in public and kneeling down in private, with their hands clasped and eyes closed that they may not be distracted in the holy exercise.

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