Adoption of Lambs

Posted on Sep 14, 2010 by admin

Spring is lambing time. In the countryside around our town, the fields are filled with frolicking lambs, newborn lambs and their mother ewes. They look so appealing, and they stay close to their mothers at this point. In a few week’s time the lambs will venture away from their mothers, and begin to play with each other To see them springing into the air in a playful, joyful mood is a delightful sight.

But sadly sometimes, the ewe dies in giving birth, and the little lamb is left an orphan. What the farmer does then, is to find one of his ewes that has given birth to a dead lamb. He then skins the dead lamb, and covers the orphan with that skin. So that the mother of the dead lamb smells the scent of her own, and accepts and adopts the orphan.

So it is with a sinner. He or she needs a covering to be accepted by God the Father, and the only covering that the Father will accept is the righteousness of Christ. In order to be accepted and adopted, you must believe in the righteousness of Christ to become one of His family.


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