The Passion for Fishing

Posted on Mar 2, 2011 by admin
The salmon fishing season has started, and winter-bound fishermen have sallied forth to walk the river banks, stalking their prey. I have not been able to pursue the noble art for a while, but it is a pursuit that gets into your blood.

To have a 10lb. salmon take your fly (that’s my biggest), is a heart-stopping experience. It seems there is another will at the end of the line. The trouble is that the sport can take over, and one gets a consuming passion to go every day. Strangely, as well as a therapy, it is a drug! There is an ex-Welsh rugby player who is considered the world’s best ever player. He confessed that he would rather catch a salmon than play for his country. I do not believe him, but I know what he is trying to say.

But oh, to have the impelling desire to be a fisher of men. In love to God, the disciples thereby had a love for souls, and went into all the world. That’s what motivated the great open-air preachers of the past, a passion for souls. May the Lord stir us all up, to get out our nets and throw them over the right side of the boat.


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