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Whiter than Snow!

On the 5th January, a South African who was in the congregation was telling me that he had just returned from a holiday in his homeland. He commented that he had been on the beach […]



The Passion for Fishing

The salmon fishing season has started, and winter-bound fishermen have sallied forth to walk the river banks, stalking their prey. I have not been able to pursue the noble art for a while, but it […]




Scientists are continuing to make all sorts of discoveries. But the more they make, the more mysteries are multiplied. Recently, a news item informed me that experiments have taken place on flat worms. Often when […]



The Constraining Love of Christ (refer to 2 Corinthians 5:14)

There are different forms of compulsion. There is that which comes from without, and then there is that which comes from within.




Thanks! Its dictionary definition is, an expression of gratitude. There are many ways of offering this. For instance we generally vocalise it, and thank for something done or given to us by saying, “You are […]


谢谢一词,字典的定义是“表达感激”。有很多方式可以用来表达感激。比方说,我们会说“你真好,非常感谢”,以感激别人为我们做的事情或给予的帮助。有时我们也可以借助于纸和笔,以更充分地表达感激之情:“当我遇到困难时,你的关爱对我帮助极大,在此特向你致以衷心地感谢!” 偶尔也有人做了一件善事后,却意外地收到别人表达感激之情的小礼物。有一些更外向的人,会毫不掩饰自己的喜悦,直接给予一个拥抱和吻,并滔滔不绝地说:“哦,谢谢你,谢谢您的帮助。”

Is It a Lemon?

At one of the house gatherings which occur after most services at the communions in Lewis and Harris, there were about thirty present. The discussion developed around the fruit to be found in a Christian’s […]