Biblical Duties of Covenant Parents – I

Posted on May 30, 2012 by admin
Irritation. Because you and your children are uniquely made by the Lord, and because you are much more mature than them, there will be many occasions for you to be irritated by their behaviour. But resist the temptation to rebuke them, much less, chastise them for every little fault or for things that irritate you. Remember that you are to seek to mould them to be like the Lord in every way, not to be like you in every way. Therefore, seek to correct and discipline only for moral and ethical infractions. And remember: If you are bitter, irate, irritable or unnecessarily harsh towards your children, you will exasperate their heart and cause them to be estranged from you (Col 3:21). Indeed, you will find them having no motivation to do anything right—since you are never pleased with anything they do!

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