Biblical Duties of Covenant Parents – J

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Jesus Christ. Acquaint your children with the Name and Person of the Lord Jesus Christ early. Teach them that He is the head of the church and of your family. Never allow them to address Him merely as ‘Jesus’ but as the ‘Lord Jesus.’ Make sure they know that He is both God and Man in one person. And when teaching about the work of the Lord Jesus, make sure they know specifically that it was the Lord Jesus and not simply God who did what He did. For example, a child who says that God suffered and died should be gently corrected that it is the Lord Jesus who suffered and died. Help them to see that they can fellowship with God because of the Lord Jesus and therefore they must live for Him and seek to please Him in all that they do, think or say. Remember not to inculcate this truth only during family worship, but in your day to day life. Make sure your children know that you are a servant of the Lord by conducting yourself and making every decision with Christ as a major consideration. And seek to relate everything that you do to Christ. For example, when the child is ill, speak of Christ as being the chief physician. When disciplining a child, explain that sin is hateful to God, and that Christ had to die for our sin, and therefore we must hate sin. When talking to your child about friendship, remember not to forget to mention how Christ is the only friend who can always be depended upon. Let the name of Christ be ever on your lips so that your children know that you are not ashamed of Christ and are seeking to live a Christ-centred life. And thus teach them, moreover, not to be ashamed of Christ, and to desire to come to His Table through public confession of faith in Him in due time.


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